I’m so glad we managed to squeeze in the course at home with you and can’t thank you enough for helping instil calmness and control and encouraging me so that I could do it.

— Mariette & Gareth (Nov 2018)
I just wanted to let you know that I have now had my baby, and found the hypnobirthing techniques so helpful during labour. By using the breathing and relaxation methods I was able to stay at home until I was 8cm dilated, so by the time I got to hospital it was straight on to pushing! I am sure that without the techniques you taught me it would have been a very different experience. Thank you so much!
— Lottie & Alex (Oct 2018)
It was amazing! And I can’t get over how different from my first birth. Without a doubt, the hypnobirthing helped, giving me the confidence to try for a home birth, keeping me calm and confident throughout. Ottilie didn’t even cry when she was born! So thank you again for your help.
— Ellie & Jon (Oct 2018)
....thank you for teaching us hypnobirthing, it really worked for us! I got through to 10 cm dilation with absolutely no pain relief, and really really quickly...
— Emma & Graeme (Oct 2018)
...he was successfully born at home using hypnobirthing as a huge support, without any other pain relief. Don’t get me wrong, it was bloody hard but we did it! And we are so chuffed.
We couldn’t have done it without your support! So thank you so so much.

— Ashley & Noel (July 2018)
We had the most amazing experience and I’m so happy to say that :).....So eternal thanks for all your support. We are so glad that we took the hypnobirthing course as it helped so much.
— Karina & Matt (Jan 2018)
Clare thank you so much for everything....the midwives were SO impressed they said that they have very rarely seen a first time mum birth in that way and it was all because of the hypnobirthing of course!!...
— Gemma & Matia (January 2018)
Just wanted to send you a quick note to say our lovely little boy arrived after just a 12 hour labour!.....Thank you for helping us to stay super calm through the whole process.
— Ed & Meera (December 2017)
The hypnobirthing course stood us in excellent stead to deal with unexpected twists and turns we encountered along the way and contributed to us welcoming Rory into our lives feeling calm, relaxed and fully in control of the situation.....The course gave us a really positive outlook on labour....Incredibly powerful but not painful....From a satisfied customer, relaxed and calm hypnobirther and delighted Mother, Thank you.’
— Becca & Thomas (Birth of Rory Nov 2017)
Clare was amazing at adapting the techniques to suit my situation and without judgement. I had a very traumatic first birth and although I opted for a c-section the second time round I was petrified of going into labour before. Clare taught me techniques which helped calm me when the braxton hicks kicked in and ensured I remained calm and relaxed through the c-section. Overall she helped me enjoy the last few months of my pregnancy without fearing labour.
— Abby & Ken (Sept 2017)
We were so pleased to have found and worked with Clare. She has a lovely way about her and we always felt great after a class....Benefits included the lovely ability to relax deeply in late pregnancy (bliss!), it made us both less nervous and more confident about labour, understand the importance of relaxing into each surge....bringing us both on to the same page....thank you’
— Sarah-Jane & James (Birth of Mabel Sept 2017)

The birth story of my little Daisy

"At 10pm, whilst my other daughter slept, Daisy started to make a move into the world. I think the raspberry leaf tea I was drinking and the comedy show I was watching helped entice her….

hypnobirth west norwood tulse hill streatham brixton dulwich herne hill

I remember doing a lot of birth ball sitting and standing, determined for gravity to help Daisy move down. It felt very soon after it all began that I moved downstairs in to the birth pool - I had lost all perspective of time whilst in my relaxation bubble. Weirdly (or not?) our cat Tina lovingly appeared in the lounge and slept nearby as a way of guarding me as I gave birth. Rob was amazing support throughout.

Daisy appeared just 5 hours after the first contraction. It still makes me beam as I remember sitting in the pool after, cuddling Daisy. I will also always cherish the memory of our 3 year old, Nelly, wandering into the lounge with her bed head and being stunned that finally her little sister had arrived.

Soon after, I realised that I needed to help spread the word about hypnobirthing!"


The birth story of my little Nelly

hypnobirthing west norwood tulse hill herne hill brixton streatham dulwich


"I went to bed convinced I was just having Braxton Hicks contractions, and used them as an opportunity to practice my hypnobirthing breathing techniques. It was only at 8am the next day that I started to wonder…  “hhhmmm maybe this is labour after all???”. It turned out it was – I was grateful that I had been able to get some sleep over night and rest in the comfort of my bedroom. That afternoon my midwife arrived. She said that she could tell just by looking at me that the baby was nowhere near ready but she would check me anyway. She had never witnessed a hypnobirth before and was amazed to see that I was 8cm dilated. My relaxation practice was really paying off – I confidently gave birth. With an amazingly supportive birth partner (Rob) by my side, Nelly arrived, 24hours after that first surge, in the birth pool in our bedroom. Magic. It feels like a dream." Clare

Empowering experience. I felt in complete control. Hypnobirthing changed my life completely!  I turned the biggest fear of my life into the most empowering experience of my life!
— Sophie (Mum)
The greatest experience ever. Both my babies were hypnobirthed, in a pool, and the greatest experience ever. They came into the world in the sweetest and most natural way.
— Paige (Mum)
KG Hypnobirthing mothers never ask you what is happening to them.  They know what is happening to them.
— Sarah (Midwife)
I have been amazed. A lot of first time mothers come to us after taking hypnobirthing sessions. I have been amazed at how well these women have laboured. I’ve been called on several occasions and have thought the woman ‘wasn’t doing much’ and she has been 7 or 8 centimetres dilated. The training also enables them to remain calm and relaxed.
— Elaine (Midwife)

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